Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 29th - Last Study

After finishing seminar, all of participants shake hand each other and so many also were hug, because successfully of our last project in this nursing training. We went back to our dormitory and prepare for tomorrow morning as last meeting for us.

Yeah, 3 months we were together and tomorrow will farewell party for all of us. We don't like to tell good bey, but time is coming. We can't stay together for long time. So many of us didn't want to sleep, we want to spent our time with tell about our story!

Me too, I didn't sleep until 3 am, then I prayed. God, if this farewell is the best for us, make it easy to do. Amen.......

Day 28th - Seminar

Last project for participants in nursing training is making a seminar with title Diabetes Melliteus. All of us become committee. Our leader is Heru from Solo. He also become speaker with kak Mimin from Islamic Hospital Jakarta. Ririn as moderator and I become master of ceremony. Another participants become receptionists, preparing food and helper. We worked together to make it successfully.

Our guests were people from Man Power Department, Director of Islamic Hospital Jakarta and staffs, all nurses from another hospital and student of nursing academy in Jakarta. They were so happy, because it is the first experience for them, come and see nurses made seminar in English.

We were so happy also, because all participants were help each other. Leader from Man Power Department also, told us if he very proud and told us if this seminar was successful. Thanks God.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 27th - My sister wedding party

It is time to decide for me, 2 weeks before finishing nursing training, my sister will marry in Surabaya and there is wedding party. So my parents told me to go home for 3 days at least. I took permission from Dr Ateeka and I went home by train.

I met all my big family in this wedding party. They came from Surabaya, Tulungagung, Kediri, Lamongan and Banjarmasin. They asked me, where I work. I told them in Jakarta, because I shy if I told them the truth. Still training without salary, what is this? Maybe they will think like it.

Anyway, my sister wedding party is the biggest party in my family, because this is the first wedding for my parents. Actually, she is younger than me, but its okay for male, no problem even our sister married before us.

Two days after wedding party, I went back to dormitory in Jakarta and join again with all participants for continuing study!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day 26th - Field Activities

We got field activities in Islamic Hospital Jakarta in Medical and Surgery Ward for male nurses, and Maternity ward for female nurses. We practice to write nurses notes in English and also make report about our activity as long as in ward. We practice in field for 4 weeks.

It made us like student in our college, because we have to study and practice in front of patient. Our clinical instructors are experience nurses in that wards, but most of them can't speak English, its very difficult, because we want to study English, but they want teach us in Bahasa.

Sometimes we went out from wards, because it impossible for studying practice English if CI can't speak English. So, we complaint to Dr Ateeka as a head of training this program. She promised to selected CI who speaks English well.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Day 25th - Study Arabic

Beside study English and nursing, we got topics also about Arabic language and Arabic culture. Our teacher is Mr Saleh. He was graduated from Medina University, so he knows very well about it, and every 3 months he goes to Saudi for umroh(Pilgrimage).

He teachs us perfectly, we like him, because he knows participants who understand read and speak Arabic well, intermediate or poor. He divide us as 3 groups. I know how to read Al-qur'an and speak Arabic even not fluently, so I got in well class with another 10 participants. Intermediate class for participants who can read Al-qur'an but can't speak Arabic. And last class for somebody who can't read Al-qur'an.

He teach us also about hajj and umroh(pilgrimages). So,make us more want to go Middle East/Saudi as soon as possible. We want to come in place, what all moslems in the world see if pray(Ka'bah). Pilgrimage to the Ka'bah is incumbent upon men for the sake of Allah, upon everyone who is able to undertake the journey to it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Day 24th - Study English

As long as study English in dormitory, not only about nursing, but also grammar, structure, spelling and so on. We listened tape recorder, talk about English song, news, film and so on.

We did English conversation every time, even outside of dormitory. Because we want our English fluently. Sometimes we went to Juanda street, because so many American or European people stay in this place because cheaper hotel. We met them and practice our English there.

We hope pass in our exam, like IELTS or TOEFL. But our teacher, for going to Middle East no need pass IELTS or TOEFL, just pass from written and conversation exam in Nursing. So, grammar not so important, only study about nursing should be!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day 23rd - Breakfast Problems

What is our breakfast today? We are not European people who take breakfast only with bread and margarine, we are Indonesians and our breakfast is rice! What is this?
Yeah, today Mrs Lili prepared breakfast not like usually. Actually she want to make variation of food, but all participants didn't like to take. So, she promised will change with another type.

After 2 weeks, again strange breakfast, glutinous rice with coconut. What is this? Nobody want to taste it. Again we complaint to her, since today, she will prepare only rice for us!

We are still in Indonesia madam Lili, so let us eat and enjoy rice for our food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with rice forever.....he he he

Day 22nd - My Friends

I still remember faces of my friends, even though most of them I didn't see again after finishing that time. Mas Fauzi, mas Bambang, Agus, Joko, Rasto, Made, Dewi are my friends and nowadays I meet them again as nurses in Kuwait. Jamhuri, Sigit, Tika and Mara were worked in Kuwait also, but they already resigned.

Some of us also worked in Saudi and Dubai. Kak Maimun, Misni, mas Tri didn't work to abroad because so many reasons and they still as nurses in Islamic Hospital Jakarta.

I'm so sorry to another friends, still I can't remember all of us, but I will mention again if I will meet our friends in Kuwait. Regards for all of you, may Allah bless us forever.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 21st - Study and Travel

After 2 weeks with contuinity for studying, we already bored, we need relax for we told to dr Ateeya to give us chance go somewhere, especially participants from out of Jakarta.
She gave us time to go to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol like Dysneyland. We played everything there like childhood, we so happy, eventhough we have to pay by ourselves. Its good travelling for us, because in our city, we don't have this place. And in this place also, we can practise our English with native speaker, because so many Americans or Europeans come in, because there is beach with cottages, seaworld, international standard swimming pool, restaurants, etc.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day 20th - Time of Study

Dear my readers......
In my country Indonesia, we love bahasa Indonesia (our national language), so all subject lessons from kinder garden until university, most of us use bahasa. Thats way, in nursing also, our teachers teach us with bahasa. In this nursing training, they teach us in English, so who will graduate from it, may go to abroad.

After waking up in the morning, most of us will go for Fajr Pray(for moslems) in mosque near our dormitory. Then I will my breakfast what prepared by servant in dormitory. At 7 am, we go together to Islamic Hospital for class. They divided us become 2 classes, so each class 25 nurses.
Again we introduce our selves with new teacher, his name is Mr. Herman in my class and Miss Erna in another class. Mr. Herman also a nurse, but Miss Erna is not, she is an English teacher. But she knows about nursing.
We study until 9 am then break, at 10 am we started again with change teachers. Miss Erna in my class(A class) and Mr. Herman in B class. We finish at 12 mid day for praying Duhurand lunch.
At 2 pm to 4 pm, we study about culture of Middle East countries. After that, we will go back to our dormitory for everything, take bath, washing dress, t shirt,etc.
At 7 pm, we take our dinner and at 8 pm, Mr. Herman come to our dormitory to give review lesson, this is depend on who wants to follow, up to participants, they want to join in this program or study by themselves.
Every day, we study from Monday to Friday. Saturday only until 12 mid day, and Sunday off.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 19th - Nursing Training

Today August 24,1998 I started as a participant for nursing Training in Merah Delima dormitory and Islamic Hospital Jakarta for class. There 50 nurses from all Indonesia,most of them from Jakarta. From Surabaya, me and Made, but i knew him only in this place,because he work in Jakarta, but his parents in Nganjuk - East Java.
From 50 nurses, 20 are female nurse. We stayed in one dormitory, each room 2 nurses. I stayed with Wawan from Palembang South Sumatra.
We started with introducing among us with Dr Ateeyah as a moderator. We introduced until 10 pm, then sleep time, but most of us, still not sleep, because we want to know each other, specially our roommate.

Day 18 - Exam and Pass

I came in train station Senen Jakarta early morning and by bajaj(three cycle traditional transportation) go to Islamic Hospital Cempaka Putih where registration and exam will do. Actually, I registered by facsimile from Surabaya, so today I just confirm and follow the exam.

After 2 days, they announced pass person. I was included. So, start from August 24 to November 21, 1998 I was a participant in adjustment training which be held by Indonesia Department of Man Power Director General of Guiding Training and Man Power Productivity (BINALATTAS) cooperate with Islamic Hospital Foundation Jakarta.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day 17th - Canceled Become Lecturer

My friend, mbak Dyah who works in Islamic Hospital Jakarta told me if there is job vacation for nurse in Saudi Arabia. They will close registration after 3 days. It so close, so I called Director of Nursing Academy and told her if I can't join today, because I have to go to Jakarta. She understood with my reason, and give me permission to go to Jakarta. I told her,if I pass, I will go to Saudi, if not, please give me chance to become lecturer again.
I told to my parents and they give me money to go to Jakarta...thanks my mom and dad, God bless you forever...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 16th - Go back to Surabaya

I couldn't find good job in Jakarta,so I decided to go back to my city. By the cheapest train for long journey more than 24 hours I came back to Surabaya. I lived in Jemur Gayungan.
I applied as lecturer in my nursing academy. After finishing all interviews and exam, I passed. Thanks God. That day, I will go to my first duty when my friend in Jakarta called me by phone...

Friday, December 15, 2006

Day 15th - Business Credit

More than 1 week I stayed with my aunt family in Bekasi, I tried to get a job, even not for nurse. I read job vacancy in newspaper, there is one Business Credit job vacation. I didn't understand what job is. I came at the office, meet secretary and so many applicants were there.

I asked them what business credit, they didn't want to answer. So I just wait until they called me to interview.

I met with Manager of Business Credit who asked me about anything and ask also why I graduated from nursing want to come in economic area, especially business credit, I just answered if I want to know what meaning of Business Credit is.
He was smile and told me if I didn't pass interview, so its mean I still didn't understand what Business Credit is.

Reader.......don't worry, tomorrow I will go to Surabaya and get job as a nurse. To be continued...

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Thursday, December 14, 2006


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Day 14th - Welcome to Jakarta

EVA air flied from Taiwan to Cengkareng International Airport Jakarta, yeahhhhh, company didn't give me ticket to Surabaya, its no problem, at least I can go back to my country. We came at 11am. They went to their houses, but not for me. I spent my time in my aunt house in Bekasi. I don't like to go back to Surabaya. I want to look for job in Jakarta!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day 13th Resignation

I gave my resignation paper to my manager. He was angry, but not me only, more than 10 peoples gave same papers. We thought, better work in our country than we work hard here, but no add salary!
After 3 days, we bargained about ticket and our salary. Finally, I got additional money $200 and free ticket to Jakarta. Actually, if we resigned before finishing contract, we have paid return ticket from own money.
Thanks God, at 2am, 10 of us went together by bus to Chiang Kai Sek Airport and at 8am by EVA air we flied to Jakarta, bye bye Taiwan..........

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My song about people in outskirts of city

Monday, December 11, 2006

Day 11th

Every day we go for duty, except Sunday. But, sometimes we have to take overtime, because all workers also go for duty, so one of us will stay in site. If we have overtime, it means will very tired, because morning, still we have to go for duty. Thats way, we told to our manager to give our time until 12 midnight only, not more, because we don't have enough energy to work again.
One month I worked here, I received my first salary. I was surprised, I received only basic salary without allowance and overtime salary like Monchi. I spoke to my manager, he told me, I will get my overtime salary after finishing contract and no allowance for me,wowwwwww, I was so angry and I told to my roommate about it.
They helped me to asked manager about it,wowwwww,not only me got salary like this, so many engineers and one translator also didn't get allowance and overtime salary, so we protested to company. Company told, it is not their policy, they gave same salary and everything for every workers from every countries to our manager, so if there is problem, let us talk with manager, not with them.
So, we tried again to talk with manager until 1 week, but no satisfied decision! Finally, 2 weeks later........

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Day 10th _ First day in Taiwan

After keeping all luggages, they checked our name, passport and all papers while we take our breakfast in restaurant inside that building. That building include restaurant, office, parking area and so many rooms.
After finishing breakfast, then they gave us room. I stayed with 3 peoples in 1 room, they are engineers. We didn't work, they let us sleep whole day for resting and adapting with situation in that place. I can't sleep well, because this is the first time for me stay far away from my family and I will be here for 2 years as contract agreement. I just prayed, hoping God give me the best!
Morning at 7am after taking breakfast, all of us ready in front of office to take uniform. Each us got helmet, work uniform, shoes and this is the interesting one BICYCLE. Yes, every worker got 1 bicycle for going to site.
For nurse, we will wear helmet, shoes and bicycle if around duty in site, if not, we will stay in clinic with white uniform. We only 2 nurses in clinic, me and my friend, he is Philipino, his name is Monchi, I don't know, its true name or not. Anyway, I called him Monchi.
We work together from 7 am to 4 pm. Between that time, we changed our duty in site or clinic. Like 7 to 9 am, we work together in clinic, then 9 am to 12 pm one of us will go to site and another one will stay in clinic. At 12 noon, we took our break and lunch in restaurant. Then at 1pm, we start again to work. We change our place, in clinic or site until 4pm.
After duty, we went room, take bath, watch television, take dinner and rest......

Saturday, December 9, 2006


I just invite you to read my true story and give your comments and suggestions, please...
Thank you so much

Day 9th - Still on the way

Hi readers,
Thank God, now my web become more beautiful, right? So,I hope you will more enjoy to read my story. We will continue again..........
After 4 hours, then bus stopped in one big parking area. Many cars are there, from small car until dump truck. And many restaurants, supermarket and the important one, rest room. Yeah, we can't piss everywhere in Taiwan, so all of us go to piss and nobody go to restaurant for buying, except seeing and touching only, hehehe..........we don't have money yet!
About 1 hour,we were there, then bus gone and stop again not more than 30 minutes from we left that place. Ahaaaaaa.....I know, this is hospital, but why? Because I know if I will work in clinic, not hospital or maybe its big clinic? Anyway, all of us are going down from bus and instructed by Yang come inside hospital. There are 1 doctor and 2 nurses were ready to take our blood, urine and stool. Checking blood pressure, eyes, ears, Chest X-Rays, and so on.
More than 2 hours we were in that hospital, then we come back to bus and go again! I knew,this is part of health examination for all new workers in Taiwan.
This journey really make us tired and boring. I saw my watch, still 3 am when we left that hospital. All of us were sleeping in bus and suddenly bus stopped in one desert only with 2 or 3 buildings are there.
Yang told us to take our luggages, he told us, this is your place to work! I'm so surprise,because I came from second big city in Indonesia after Jakarta and never work in village, but now I will work in abroad but in desert is far away from city! Oh,My me, please!
We believed this place is ours after someone from Indonesia who already there pick us up in front of the building. He told us, its so early, because time still 6 am. Usually, new group comes at 10 am. What? We will more tired and boring and become crazy in bus if we come like usual, right?
OK readers, later I will continue about my duty in clinic.....

Friday, December 8, 2006

Day 8th On the way

I flied to Taiwan with 20 friends, but only me as a nurse. Most of them are engineers, because we will work in new construction and I will be clinic staff nurse there. We came about 10pm, somebody pick us up by bus, his name is Yang. He is a Chinese man. He drove his bus very slowly. And more than 4 hours still bus on the way, so we asked him, but he can't speak English well. It made us more confused, because we want to reach fast.........!
Sorry readers, I have to work now, I'm pm duty.
But don"t worry, I will continue tonight.....

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Day 7th - Flying to Taiwan

Hi readers..........
Now I dont care about my blog, still I will try to make more beautiful, but I dont like if all of you will wait me for long time only for that. So, I will continue about my story......ok?
I got information, I have to go by my self as soon as possible for interview in Taiwan office if I want to work there. So, I went to that office, I met 3 interviewers there, they asked me so many questions. Finally, after waiting for 3 weeks, they called me and told if I passed, thanks God.
But they told me also to resigned directly from Islamic Hospital, because I will go Taiwan after 20 days. You know readers, I was so panic. I asked my parents, they told, Im not child anymore, so I have to take my own decision! OK, I resigned from my first hospital where I worked.
But, they cancelled my departure because my pasport and visa not finished yet! I was so confused, headache, dizzy.....all mix become one, yeahhh.....I dont have job. It means I dont have salary.
More than 2 months, I had to wait and finally from Juanda International Airport Surabaya,I flied to Chiang Kai Sek Airport in Taiwan by EVA Air.
Thanks God...
Next story...........dont worry,I will be back!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Now i can breath again after 3 days failed to arrange my blogger become more beautiful. Now I hope all my dear readers will enjoy with it..........

Day 6th are you?
Now Im in my friend house to make it,I will try to make beautiful,but he told me,he will teach me after 7pm.
So,be patient,ok..................dont leave my blog..........plz!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

5th day

still Im not success to put something in my blogger to make more,I tried to call my friend to help me. He promised,tomorrow will see,whats wrong with it!
Please be patient for waiting my next story,ok.......
I love u, readers..........

Monday, December 4, 2006

Day 4th - Try again

Last night I didn't success to put TAGBOARD in my blogger,hik hik hik(crying)
So,now,after coming from duty Im opening internet and starting again to put tagboard or something,pray for me to be success,ok......

Sunday, December 3, 2006

3rd Day

Sorry readers........
Today I will not write it,because I will make my blog become beutiful,so I will add with TAGBOARD. I hope with it,you can give message or comment to me,ok..........?

Saturday, December 2, 2006

2nd Day-Working in Islamic Hospital surabaya

Hi readers.....
We meet again today,but Im so sorry,because last night I started night duty,so I can't write better now. Still blank my mind,but I will try to write,ok?
About my job.....
After graduating from Islamic Hospital Nursing Academy on December 1994, I tried to apply in Islamic Hospital Surabaya,thanks Allah, on March 1995 I started as a staf nurse in VIP Room.
VIP room in this hospital has 12 room,so if patient full,means I will care for 12 patients,because each room is 1 patient. We work 3 shifts per day,morning 7am-2pm,afternoon 2-10pm and night duty 10pm-7am. Afternoon and night duty contents 2 nurses(1 male and 1 female) and 1 nursing assistant.
We received all cases in VIP Room,medical/surgical or maternity,because each room will not connect with other room,so no contagious disease or nosocomial infection caused by patient contact.
Im happy to work here,we can give personal care each patient,and sure,patient and family so satisfied because all nurses work as professional. They pay more,because they need satisfication.
About 3 years I worked in VIP Room,then my director of nursing made transfering programme for more than 50 nurses around hospital. She transferred me in Operating Theatre(OT).
I studied and adapted again with new situation here.I can't give personal care anymore to patient,because we work as team. I started as sirculair,worked behind docters and scrubs nurse,if they need something,they will tell me to take from store. Its okey,so I knew everything about OT.
After 3 weeks,they trained me as assistant scrub nurse,Im so happy,because I work directly with them while touching operation patient.
Three months later,I became a scrub nurse and they believe me to assist docters to do small operation,like appendictomy. Thanks Allah.
But......6 months I work as team in OT, my friend came to me to offering job as a nurse in Taiwan.....ahaaa.....yes, my friend knew if I had ever talked him,I want to work in abroad,anywhere....,anyplace.....

Friday, December 1, 2006

1st Day-Introducing

Let me introduce my self,ok?
My name is Zulkipli Abdullah Usin(Zulki),I was born in Banjarmasin(South Kalimantan) on 1st January 1972. I live in Mangaf Kuwait and I work as a nurse in Casualty Department in al-Adan Hospital since 2003 up to now.
Im married, I have 1 wife, her name is Fatchatus Solichah(Ika) and I have 2 sons,their names are Syach Iskandar Muhammad(Andar) and Syach Intishar Muhammad(Itsar). They live in Surabaya Indonesia.
What else do u want to know, my readers?
My education,ok?
I started for my formal education on 1977 from Taman Indria Taman Siswa (level Kindergarden) in Tulungagung then following level elementary school in same school until grade 4.
Grade 5 and 6, I continued in Sekolah Dasar Negeri Mergorejo III Surabaya. I was graduated on 1984.
Grade 7 to 9, in Indonesia called by Sekolah Menengah Pertama(SMP), I was graduated on 1987 from SMP Negeri 13 Surabaya.
Then grade 10 to 12,we called by Sekolah Menengah Atas(SMA), I was graduated on 1990 from SMA Negeri 6 Surabaya.
After graduating from SMA, I took examination for medicine student, but failed. I was so dissapointed, so I run away from my big city Surabaya to go to small village in Madiun for studying about Islam,yeahhhhh...even I was born as moslem,but I cant read alQur'an perfectly! Alhamdulillah,about 10 months I was there,I can read it. Then my father called me back to continue my formal education, I was so worried, because 10 months l didnt study about formal education.
I prayed to God,Allah to give me the best choice for my future:Bank,Tourism or Nurse. I have to choice from these,because my father will pay only for 1 subject. After praying, I was sleep, and I showed my self wearing NURSE UNIFORM in my dream......ooohh,thanks Allah,maybe this is the way I have to register as a nurse student.
I was so surprised when i registered in Nursing Academy of Islamic Hospital Surabaya in 1991,more than 600 contestants and 80 students only will pass! OK, I just registered,followed the examination and waiting for the announce after 10 days.
That day,I didnt see the announcement,because I felt i wont pass. After one day only I went to see it, name was announcement board...i can't believe it, I asked so many times to committee,yeahh...they told I passed...thanks Allah.
Since September 1991, I was student there and I was graduated in 1994.
OK readers,that my story, how l become as a nurse up to now.
Do u want another story or ask something about me.........?
To be continued.......