Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Day 32 - Geeting job

After 1 week stay in dormitory and almost everyday, look for job, I got it. I start work in Islamic Hospital Cakung Jakarta. And also, I have to move from dormitory to rent house near with hospital. I said thanks a lot to dr Ateeka, but Joko still waiting for job. He told me, he ashamed if alone in dormitory, he wants to move also in hir relative. So, we hug each other, but promise to call everytime.

I worked as staf nurse in Medical Ward for economic class. I always hard work to do something. So, all my collegues and my headnurse like me. But, problem come when last month I got salary. I received my salary, but it is not enough, only for rent house. I need for daily living.

I came to director of nursing to ask about my salary, she told me, will ask to salary section. After 3 days, she called me and told, if my salary can't increase until 3 months. Then I called my father in Surabaya, he told me to go back to Surabaya and help him to continue his business.


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