Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Day 30th - Farewell Party

Sorry readers, 3 days I didn't post, because actually I don't like to remember about farewell party, but I should write for continuing my story. And also because of new year 2007, I pray for all us, this year better than before,ok???

Today, November 21st 1998, all of participants of nursing training come together in big hall of Man Power Department in Jakarta for farewell party. Like another party, there are so many speech from leader of training, Director of Man Power Depatment and one of participant.

All of us were crying, after 3 months together and now we have to back to our place and will meet again if there is user from abroad will come to take exam. But we didn't know, when it will be.

Anyway, all of participants go home, except me and Joko!


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