Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day 38 - Nursing skill - IV Drip

Hi readers, nice to meet you again after almost 1 month I didn't post my story,right? So many problem, but I will start again,okey! i will tell you about my duty in RSSI.

After finishing week orientation,than SDU will teach only for nurses to do nursing skill. So all nurses staffs in RSSI have same management to do nursing skill. Because we graduated from different college, so will different also to practical nursing skill. Example is insert IV drip.

We have to prepare all things like alcohol swab(In another hospital still use cotton ball with alcohol),tegaderm(in another hospital use sterille gauze with plaster to close hep canula after inserting), yellow plastic to throw infectious sewage, sharp container to throw needle, etc. And not forget, all actions what contact with body fluid patient should wear unsterille gloves to protect nurse from contagious diseases.

Another step, all same like in book. Explanation to patient and relatives if available about our action before doing IV drip insertion. Cross check with another nurse about fluid/medication to be given to patient.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Day 37 - Still training for new staff

From lunch, we go back to hall and discuss about our topic: policy of hospital for 30 minutes. If we don't understand yet, we can ask her. She will explain until we understood.

At 2pm, we finished our training today. we will continue tomorrow and still I will come in morning duty at 6am, train in A&E Department then go to hall for training of new staff!

Day 36 - Restaurant RSSI

After welcome speech, we took tea break. We want to know each other,because we came from different department. Like this, so we closer and not shy anymore. Finish break, we continue with policy of hospital, given by head of SDU.

At 12pm, we took our lunch together in restaurant of hospital. It so crowded, because so many staffs come together to take lunch, also visitor or relative of patients. This restaurant not make different between staffs and visitors, we can eat together here!