Sunday, January 7, 2007

Day 35 - First Day in RSSI

Today I started working as a staff nurse in Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional(RSSI) or Surabaya International Hospital. I worked in Ambulance and Emergency Department. I came at 6 am and went home at 2.15pm.

After endorsing time with night duty staff nurse, I trained by senior staff nurse in morning shift until 8 am. Then staff from Staff Development Unit called me to follow training for all new staffs in hall of hospital.

About 10 persons follow the training. Two nurses, 3 kitchen staffs and 5 from cleaning service. Welcome speech by Dr Sulung, Director of RSSI. He looks good man in first eyes. I like him.

He told us, welcome in this hospital, it's our place to get salary and care of patients , relatives and all colleagues. We have to think our hospital like our home, we have to keep clean and healthy. Smiles with our guest and friend.


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