Sunday, January 7, 2007

Day 37 - Still training for new staff

From lunch, we go back to hall and discuss about our topic: policy of hospital for 30 minutes. If we don't understand yet, we can ask her. She will explain until we understood.

At 2pm, we finished our training today. we will continue tomorrow and still I will come in morning duty at 6am, train in A&E Department then go to hall for training of new staff!

Day 36 - Restaurant RSSI

After welcome speech, we took tea break. We want to know each other,because we came from different department. Like this, so we closer and not shy anymore. Finish break, we continue with policy of hospital, given by head of SDU.

At 12pm, we took our lunch together in restaurant of hospital. It so crowded, because so many staffs come together to take lunch, also visitor or relative of patients. This restaurant not make different between staffs and visitors, we can eat together here!

Day 35 - First Day in RSSI

Today I started working as a staff nurse in Rumah Sakit Surabaya Internasional(RSSI) or Surabaya International Hospital. I worked in Ambulance and Emergency Department. I came at 6 am and went home at 2.15pm.

After endorsing time with night duty staff nurse, I trained by senior staff nurse in morning shift until 8 am. Then staff from Staff Development Unit called me to follow training for all new staffs in hall of hospital.

About 10 persons follow the training. Two nurses, 3 kitchen staffs and 5 from cleaning service. Welcome speech by Dr Sulung, Director of RSSI. He looks good man in first eyes. I like him.

He told us, welcome in this hospital, it's our place to get salary and care of patients , relatives and all colleagues. We have to think our hospital like our home, we have to keep clean and healthy. Smiles with our guest and friend.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Day 34 Apply Job in International Hospital Surabaya

Middle of March 1999, I applied as a staf nurse in Ambulance and Emergency Department of International Hospital Surabaya. After 3 days, they called me to interview with Director of Nursing Mrs Kim Primmer and her Deputy Mr Richard Turner. After 4 days, they called me again, if I pass.

I signed my contract paper with good salary. Also take my uniform, shoes, socks and name tag. So, since 28 March 1999 I worked there.

Day 33 - Back to Surabaya

I told to my headnurse, director of nursing and all my friends if still I will get same salary, better I will be back to Surabaya. After that day, I left Jakarta and go back to Surabaya.

In Surabaya I met my family again and my girl friend also, its love story, you can read in another web,ok? I met also with my girl friend parents, and they told me to marry their daughter as soon as possible.

So, I have to search job quickly, I don't like marry without job. I met mas Tri, my friend in Nursing Academy, he told me if his hospital need one male nurse. I applied it as soon as he told me!

Day 32 - Geeting job

After 1 week stay in dormitory and almost everyday, look for job, I got it. I start work in Islamic Hospital Cakung Jakarta. And also, I have to move from dormitory to rent house near with hospital. I said thanks a lot to dr Ateeka, but Joko still waiting for job. He told me, he ashamed if alone in dormitory, he wants to move also in hir relative. So, we hug each other, but promise to call everytime.

I worked as staf nurse in Medical Ward for economic class. I always hard work to do something. So, all my collegues and my headnurse like me. But, problem come when last month I got salary. I received my salary, but it is not enough, only for rent house. I need for daily living.

I came to director of nursing to ask about my salary, she told me, will ask to salary section. After 3 days, she called me and told, if my salary can't increase until 3 months. Then I called my father in Surabaya, he told me to go back to Surabaya and help him to continue his business.

Day 31st - Still in Dormitory

Me and Joko didn't go to our place, because I just came from Surabaya for my sister wedding and Joko because still sick. He admitted in Persahabatan Hospital. We took permission from dr Ateeka to stay in dormitory until we can get job. She knew, and give us food also.

I took care for Joko after discharging from hospital, but he is nurse also, so no need to full care of him, he can care by himself.

Day 30th - Farewell Party

Sorry readers, 3 days I didn't post, because actually I don't like to remember about farewell party, but I should write for continuing my story. And also because of new year 2007, I pray for all us, this year better than before,ok???

Today, November 21st 1998, all of participants of nursing training come together in big hall of Man Power Department in Jakarta for farewell party. Like another party, there are so many speech from leader of training, Director of Man Power Depatment and one of participant.

All of us were crying, after 3 months together and now we have to back to our place and will meet again if there is user from abroad will come to take exam. But we didn't know, when it will be.

Anyway, all of participants go home, except me and Joko!